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Best Herbal Shisha Flavors To Try In 2021

Herbal Shisha gives the safest and most flavorful experience to smokers. With the minimal concentration of caffeine mixed with herbal ingredients, the shisha creates lesser side effects. It is easy on your lungs and makes the experience wonderful with thick smoke clouds.

Trying out new and different flavors is something every hookah lover crave for. Whether it’s about a dine out with a bunch of friends or turning your monotonous weekend into a thrilling, a shisha will help you add more fun to your day. So, as the year is dragging itself towards the end, why not upgrade your flavors a bit? Here in this blog, you will find out the curated list of some of the most demanded and finest shisha flavors.

If you are on a hunt for amazing combinations, better sit back and enjoy the read.

  • Blue Mist
  • Double Apple
  • Island Papaya
  • Gummi Bear
  • Herbal Peach
  • Vanilla

Blue Mist

Blue Mist is a combination of blueberries and a bit of peppermint mist. It’s a brown colored mixture and gives thick smoke clouds. Due to the presence of blueberries in higher concentration, there is a fresh aroma in the liquid and gives a fruity taste. The nicotine presence is less than 1 percentage which makes the overall experience more delightful. Those who are fond of shisha flavors would definitely love this one. It’s rich and exotic. In addition, the minty element will soothe down your throat as well.

Double Apple

Double Apple is one of the widely used shisha flavors across the world. It’s one of the pioneer flavors that was introduced with shisha. Apple flavor is soft on lungs and gives a cherishing experience. It’s sweet and the most dominant flavor. The concept of double apple is based on mixing the flavor in a greater concentration directly with the less amount of nicotine. It gives the fruity aroma and when blended with tobacco creates an overwhelming taste.

The best thing about Double Apple flavor is the big fat clouds it produces which looks tempting to smokers. With dense puffs, it gives a juicier texture. You can mix the flavor with a bit of lemon mint to neutralize the added sweetness. Most smokers prefer lemon-mint as it adds more flavor in the shisha. Furthermore, many newbie shisha smokers prefer to go for Double Apple as its light and refreshing.

Island Papaya

You may name it differently as the main ingredient used in this flavor is Papaya. The taste is more like a citrus lemon, its bitter and sweet a fine blend of both to give a sort of strong touch. Those who love Papaya would die for this shisha flavor as it requires a high concentration of fruit juice. Papaya juice is a bit thick and so it helps in making perfect smoke rings. If you want to be creative with your smoking experience, try this flavor it will help in experimenting with different ring making styles. The tropical flavor makes the overall experience more interesting and enjoyable. You can mix Papaya with Mandarin Zest and any other flavored juice of your choice as well. On the whole, Papaya flavor will give you an overpowering buzz and make your moment unforgettable.

Gummy Bear

Trust me the gummy bears will never growl at you. It’s the favor that will growl in your head. The thrilling experience, gummy bear Shisha gives is out of this world. The sweetness added with tobacco makes the shisha an amazing one. Its taste stays in your mouth for hours. It’s not too sweet as you can mix it with a mint of any choice to balance the flavor. You can smoke like a pro as it clouds are not too thick nor light. It’s somewhere in between. You can try the White Gummy Bear flavor, it’s more enriching. It’s a combination of different fruits from vanilla to Apple. Giving mild sensation, this flavorful experience is being in trend.

Herbal Peach

Herbal Peach is a combination that shows the least proportion of nicotine. Its tobacco concentration is minimal. The major ingredients are glycerin, molasses, honey, and a blend of any minty flavor. Mostly the shisha handlers prefer to include no tar or nicotine as the flavor itself is rich and dense. It smells more like beans and fruit jam as it has the proportion of so many fruits combined altogether. However, an overall experience leaves a peachy delight. It’s sweet in taste and light on your body. It does give away smoke clouds but they are not that denser. It’s one of the best nicotine-free herbal experiences you would ever have.


Vanilla comes next to Double Apple in popularity. It gives thick clouds and smells like heaven. Those who prefer fruity flavors, it’s the kind of pack you would love to try over and over again. You can mix it with Lemon Mint to add more citric texture. By being dense, it helps in creating smoke clouds and the mixture stays in the shisha funnel for longer. It’s totally buzz-free and when blended with nicotine makes the flavor even more incredible. Vanilla has tolerance and welcoming nature with other fruits. You can even add more than one fruit with it. It will balance out the taste and give a delightful experience.

Wrap Up

If you have a thing about mixing flavors, never hesitate to experiment. Set your own concentrations and come up with inspiring ratios. Always remember that you must not mix two sweet flavors together without a normalizer which can be a Lemon Mint. Its recommended to mix flavors of opposite taste, a biter one with a sweetener. These flavors are easy to be found. And the best part is that each one of them can be blended without much concentration of nicotine, which is the safest thing to do.

Apart from the above mentioned flavors, you can try out different fruits as well like Orange and Cherries. The more citric your fruit is the better would be its flavor.