WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Flow Herbal


Our Flow herbal hookah molasses are a great alternative for all those hookah lovers that want to experience the full smoking satisfaction without the negative effects of tobacco. Our herbal range offers the same flavors as our Flow Tobacco line, the only difference between these two is the process of preparing these flavors and the ingredients used.

In our Flow Herbal range, tobacco leaves are replaced with healthier herbs alternative. The herbal molasses are mixed with fruits, honey and natural herb extracts and glycerine. All 100% Tobacco, Nicotine and Tar Free.

Our Non-Tobacco Flavor Ranges

100% Tobacco, Nicotine and Tar Free hookah flavors
which are made to provide you best the smoke and taste experience.

Apple (Herbal)

A mellow, fruity, fresh flavor of the classic Apple “Bahraini” tobacco. It’ll have you daydreaming about the island that it is. Sitting under the tree of life. While most apple flavors contain hints of anise (licorice), Bahraini Apple will be much lighter on these unmistakable flavors.

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Apple Mix (Herbal)

For the cool apple lovers out there. You’ll love the nice crisp apple flavor, unlike the classic double apple this apple mix has no black licorice taste. Our Apple Mix tobacco is a deliciously fruity, light minty, hookah tobacco flavor.

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Two Apple (Herbal)

The Don of Shisha flavors now also in a Non tobacco variant with the same bold, crisp and smooth flavor. Refreshing apple overload and rich molasses to entice your senses in the best possible way with a distinct black licorice taste.

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Blueberry (Herbal)

Flow herbal Blueberry is a bold flavor mix with a sweet undertone through the inhale that will guaranteed satisfy your taste buds. A sweet, unique juiciness with a rush of cool flavoring.

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Blueberry Mint (Herbal)

Blueberry mint flavor provides a luscious blueberry explosion on the taste buds, with the perfect hint of mint. This combination provides a smooth and enjoyable taste, that creates a fresh yet fruity hookah experience.

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Cinnamon Gum (Herbal)

Unique flavors of Cinnamon with a fusion of minty goodness of spearmint is all set to make your evening more special. A blend of sweet variation on a spicy classic blend.

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Grape (Herbal)

Flow grape is one of the most authentic, fresh, multi and ever long-lasting flavors. Produces a fruit taste and aroma and elicits sweet sensations.

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Grape Mint (Herbal)

Take the luscious fruit taste and aroma of our Grape and kick it up a notch with our nice refreshing cool and crisp mint flavor. This paring will definitely get your taste buds going all night long.

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Grape Raspberry (Herbal)

Made for those who are connoisseurs of juicy fruit and berries, looking to try something more daring. Guaranteed to give you a strong juicy hit of euphoric sensation with a great berry kick.

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Lemon Mint (Herbal)

Our tobacco free Lemon and Mint is infused with real mint and zesty lemon extracts, an all-time favorite. Wake up your taste buds with a surge of zesty lemon that cools and refreshes with every inhale and exhale.

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Mango (Herbal)

The juiciest mangoes flavor. With the sticky sweet, complex flavoring, experience this amazing fruit from inhale to exhale. Ripe mango never tasted so good.

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Mango Lemon (Herbal)

Crisp and sweet, deliciously fruity, with a refreshing lemony taste, that tickling your taste buds with a sweet zesty flavor.

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Mint (Herbal)

A staple flavor for the hookah enthusiast, our Mint flavor has the pure classic mint taste with an extra cool sensation. Icy, rich with smoke, and a must-have for creating your own mixes. It’s also perfectly enjoyed as-is by mint fans.

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Mint Gum (Herbal)

Sweet spearmint, great to mix with other flavors or just to smoke solo to maximize all that cooling spearmint, an experience of a refreshing hookah session.

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Mixed Fruit (Herbal)

Flow Mixed Fruit is an authentic, fresh, multi and ever long-lasting flavor. A classic fruit cocktail shisha flavor with a noticeable mix of lemon, kiwi, strawberry, and pineapple.

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Orange Mint (Herbal)

A combination of the sweet citrus flavor of orange with the refreshing real mint extracts, reigns supreme shisha flavor on the leader boards for top mint flavors.

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Orange Peach (Herbal)

Smooth, sweet, refreshing, Orange infused with Peach Aroma is yet another classic shisha flavor. It is one of the most authentic, fresh, multi flavor and ever long-lasting taste.

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Persian Tea (Herbal)

Our Persian Tea flavor is a delicious creamy blend of sweet, smooth vanilla with complex aromas of cinnamon, nutmeg, and cardamom. One of the most authentic, fresh, multi and ever long-lasting flavor.

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Watermelon Mint (Herbal)

Tongue-solidifying menthol ingredients from our minty blend and the sweet taste of candies watermelon extract from our special flavor blend are a taste bud-igniting duo.

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