WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Top Shisha Flavours for Christmas and the Holiday Season

The year 2020 is coming closer towards the end. There are only a few days left in the most cheerful time of the year, bringing us closer to the Christmas holidays.

Holidays have their charm, but Christmas holidays give us the next level of excitement. We all wait desperately for Christmas not only because it’s the start of our favorite seasons but because we know it is the only time of the year when we can hang out all day and night with our fellows. We spend days planning how we’re going to celebrate the next Christmas.

Some people wish to see the Christmas sunset in a particular country of their choice others like to spend their days sleeping, eating, and repeating. Some people plan select dinner dates with their loved ones while others prefer to roam around the streets cheering and singing songs. However, there is one thing that is common in most people: they don’t miss to list Shisha session in their Christmas to do list.

Keeping in mind the fun and thrill shisha lovers experience during shisha sessions. We have made a list of top Shisha flavors for Christmas and the holiday season to enhance the charm of Shisha to Shisha lovers.

  • Two Apple/ Double Apple
  • Cinnamon Gum
  • Orange Peach
  • Blueberry
  • Lemon Mint
  • Grape Mint

Two Apple Flavour

Two Apple, also called double apple, is one of the most popular and loved flavors worldwide. It was also one of the pioneer flavors when shisha flavors were first introduced and a must-have for all apple lovers. Two apples are more concentrated towards sweet rather than anise (licorice), a common ingredient in most apple-flavored shishas, making it a standard option for newbies.

The things that make two apple choices of all is that it is a dominant flavor and allows the consumer to create new flavors by mixing other flavors. Most people prefer to mix lemon-mint to enhance the shisha’s taste, creating a unique flavor of double apple-mint.

Two apples give a fruity aroma and, when blended with Tobacco, create an overwhelming taste. Not only taste but Two Apple has a juicy texture, filling the environment with thick misty clouds.

Cinnamon Gum Flavour

Unlike two apples, cinnamon Gum is the first-hand choice of spicy shisha lovers. Cinnamon gum has unique flavors blended with a touch of chewing gum, which stays in your mouth for hours. Spearmint leaves and cinnamon to create a blend of sweet variation on a spicy classic blend.

A beauty of cinnamon gum is that it creates various flavors when mixed with other mild flavors. If you like to have a balance of sweet and sour, you can add a bit of apple flavor to reduce the spice or mix up cinnamon gum and peach to enjoy a naturally flavored shisha. Cinnamon gum and mango, or cinnamon gum and apricot, also sounds tempting, or you can try blending more flavors to experiment and find out which suits best to you.

 Orange Peach Flavour

Orange peach is for those who prefer citrus and juicy shisha flavors. The peach in the flavor is more dominating and gives a natural and soothing taste, which becomes a great attraction towards orange-peach. Orange infused with Peach Aroma is another classic shisha flavor is one of the most authentic, fresh, multi-flavor and ever long-lasting taste. Orange peach can be the right choice for a Christmas party.

Blueberry Shisha

The fresh taste, smell, and breath of blueberries take you to the meadows of North America. The thick clouds of blueberry shisha act as a cherry on a tart when it fills the air creating a moth watering scene. The pleasant and not overpowering taste of blueberry shisha makes it a shisha flavor for all.

Like other flavors, blueberry shisha is also a great choice to experiment with the fusion of shisha flavors such as blueberry mint. It is a fusion of blueberry and mint that enhances the aroma that blends well in the mouth.

You don’t have to worry about the portions of each because we have already experimented on behalf of you to provide you a wide variety of flavors. You can buy blueberry mint directly from our website to dive into the gaming battle without spending time calculating the portions to create the best out of it. Mixing orange in blueberry is a bit weird but idea but believe me, its perfect when we talk about the taste.

Lemon Mint

Lemon Mint is pure Tobacco infused with real mint, an all-time customer favorite. You can say that it is one of the most popular mixtures appreciated around the world. Lemon mint shisha has a similar taste to menthol, giving it a considerable resemblance. It is a unique flavor for fragment scent lovers. It can be your best friend in the summer season. The best thing about lemon is that it detoxicate and that’s what makes it more special. When you blend lemon with mint it refreshes you with every puff. Its soothing and utterly relaxing. Those who want a light and smooth experience would love this combination. And above all it’s safe even if its mixed with tobacco as compared with other flavors.

Grape Mint

Grape flavor has a very unique kind of texture; It’s thick and smooth at the same time. When you blend grapes with mint you get a heavenly effect. Its like mixing a bit of sour taste with the cooling effect of mint leaves. The combination is liked at all the Shisha places around the globe. However, only those who want strong smoking sessions prefer to try it. Its flavor is rich with ingredients. When you add tobacco with it the overall impact doubles.

However, there is a herbal flavor as well. The herbal Grape Mint flavor is equally fascinating. To give your festive season a boom of happiness and excitement you can introduce this flavor to your friends. As the texture is thick you can easily make smoke clouds and rings and even go for making double rings. A lot of people prefer Grape Mint when practicing smoke clouds as its smoother than the other flavors.


Don’t keep yourself limited to the shisha flavors mentioned above. Many other shisha flavors are waiting for you to experiment by fusing them into different shisha flavors. We know you find it challenging to blend shisha flavors for various reasons but don’t worry. We are always here to help you.

Probably the easiest way to blend shisha flavors is to premix them in a bag or bowl before pouring them into the shisha bowl. Work out your ratios beforehand and place all tastes in a bag. Mix with a fork or by hand, or shake the bag until thoroughly mixed. Pack all together into the hookah bowl and viola. This method works best with similar shisha types and brands that take heat similarly.

Lastly, the year 2020 has been so dramatic and daunting so make the most out of this amazing and most waited festive season. Stay home, stay safe and enjoy amazing Shishas.

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