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Benefits Of Mixing Flavors Of Shisha Tobacco And Herbal Shisha

Smoking shisha has emerged to be a new trend among youngsters. Flavored with a fine blend of nicotine amount, the shisha corners are nowadays being setup to attract the smokers. Those having a likeness to try different flavors feel addicted to shisha smoking.

However, there are two different types of shisha, as explained below:

  • Shisha Tobacco

The Shisha tobacco has the amount of nicotine in mixed with a particular flavor.

  • The Herbal Shisha

The herbal shisha is made up of natural ingredients and is free from nicotine.

Considering the fondness towards herbal shisha products, many brands across the world have initiated the supplies and manufacturing of exciting new flavors with no added nicotine or artificial ingredients.

Furthermore, the most famous flavors of shisha are creamy, fruity and spicy flavors. Now the witty practice, that is being followed around the world is mixing the two different types of shisha together to fuse up a new type. Based on the smoker’s feedback, this combination is being liked and preferred by a majority due to the added pleasure and safety it brings.

Benefits of Mixing Shisha

It’s an undeniable fact when you mix certain flavors up to a specific ratio it creates a more intense and rich flavor. You simply should learn the right proportion before fusing the two different flavors together. Just like you have to mix various ingredients to prepare a delicious meal you need to the same amount of dedication here to come up with an exciting new shisha flavor.

Al across the world in many cafes and bars, the taste-experts mix alcoholic and non-alcoholic products to create a new drink which has some alcoholic presence but to a certain proportion. Therefore, before you go on mixing he two flavors its best to learn how each one of them different and what their respective taste is.

It Lessen the Impact of Nicotine

As you know that herbal shisha is free from nicotine but due to having pure ingredients the flavor is rich and interesting. So, for those who want to feel the nicotine kick its best to mix a certain proportion of shisha tobacco. Shisha on the whole has a minor percentage of nicotine as compared to Cervantes. So, if you mix both the two types you will get to amuse the smokers and satisfy them with a minimal amount of nicotine blended in the flavorsome shisha. It will not cause severe damage to the lungs.

Innovate Something New

You need to keep on upgrading your shisha collection for smokers. Your visitors would be more piqued by the new flavors you introduce. Considering the rising competition in the market, you must have been competing with a number of other brands belong to the same industry, So, not mark your stand as unique and distinctive and present new flavor every now and then? You need to learn about how different ingredients can help you prepare a shisha your visitors might not have tried.

It’s Safe

Instead of consuming a 100% nicotine filled shisha isn’t it good to go for a concentrated shisha? Well, to those who have a fondness for shisha but are heavy smokers, offering a concentrated Tabaco would be far safer. The amount of nicotine through a shisha is much more than one inhales through a single cigarette. As shisha containers are huge they have more amount of nicotine therefore, it’s always the safest option to offer mixed shisha to your visitors.

How To Blend Shisha Mixes

It’s important to choose a shisha that works well together as you know that even a good mix can get easily ruin if not fused together correctly. In order to avoid wastage, you must use your shisha bowl to properly measure out the right quantities of ingredients to add in a single bowl.

The quickest and most reliable technique is to set a certain ratio as to how much of a nicotine shisha you want with the herbal one. The standard ratio or percentage to mix both the two types is to keep the mixture between 50-50 ratio or 60-40 ratio. You may get a bizarre taste in the beginning but with experiences and practice you will get the perfect ratio of both the ingredients. In addition, different shisha comes with different quantities. Therefore, its significant to have a proper cut of your ingredients. Moreover, when mixing your shisha do make sure to add molasses and sugar syrups together to have a thicker and richer taste. The presence of glycerine makes the session smoother and dense.

You may have come across the same flavor offered by different brands. As every brand has their uniqueness, if you blend the same flavor of individual brands together you may also get a fine and smoother taste.

Wrapping Up

To master the art of mixing you need to focus on two basic aspects- the first one is blending and the second one of layering. As mentioned above you need to stick to a certain percentage or ratio of putting the ingredients together otherwise you may ruin the entire taste. Secondly, when you have to layer your ingredients on the Shisha bowl its always recommended to put them side by side to each other. Do not mix them on the ring place them individually.

An added advice is to sprinkle some lemon juice on your selected two flavors as having a lemon juice would keep the mind sane and refreshes the lungs as well. Make your shisha smoking exigence greater and finer. Keep up your hunt to gather more resourceful ideas to try. Make sure that you do not mix a greater percentage of nicotine with the herbal shisha as it will not stay effective.