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You Must Know These Shisha Facts to Show OFF

Without any doubt, Shisha is one of the most favorite pastimes for some occasional smokers while it’s a must please for some regular shisha consumers. No matter on which side of the spectrum you are at, it’s always interesting to read some interesting facts about Shisha to show off your knowledge next time you visit a shisha party.

Shisha and its different flavors are appealing smokers all across the world. The creative combinations, exotic fragrances and the fruity texture is soothing. It’s like satisfying your cravings without risking your health.

Shisha is not just a source of enjoyment it can help you attract a significant audience. It can be used in branding activities or to engage a certain target audience. In the past during an election campaign in Lebanon (the year 2000) a candidate rented 200 shishas to convince people to join his rally and vote him. They used it as a way to attract the audience and get connected with them during the campaigns.

Without any further ado, we always present you with the most exciting and unique facts about Shisha that you may not know before.

You’re Not the Only One who Claims Its Origin

Popularly people believe that Shisha was the first invention by an Indian physician in the 16th century. Indians and Persians use to use Shisha as an aesthetic substance to reduce the pain during operations. Another reason for its invention was to provide an easy and effective way to smoke opium and hashish to people.

The first Indian Shisha was made up of coconut shell and Narcil palm; this is why it is also known as ‘Narghile’. Researchers have found out that most common names use for Shisha have their roots in the Persian language.

During the archaeological expeditions in Tanzania, Kenya, and Zambia, scientists found hashish pipes dated to the 14th century, which is why some researchers claim that Shisha is an African invention.

According to American researchers, American Indians used to use pumpkin for smoking even before the discovery of the American continent.

Shisha has been modified over the course of years. It has somehow been transformed greatly with the influence of different cultures and traditions. Where some begin using herbs others relied on fruits. There is a smooth combination of herbs, fruits and tobacco which is now being named as herbal shisha.

Due to various theories by various researchers, exact place and time where Shisha was made for the first time are still unclear.

You May Call It Shisha, Others have Other Names for It.

Shisha is the most popular word used for the smoking device by Americans. The term shisha is derived from the Persian word “shīshe” which means glass in English. When Shisha was first invented, it was called hookah, which is an Indian word meaning “pot, jar” and “cavity, hollow.”

There is a various name for Shisha depending upon the country. In North America, it’s called hookah or water pipe. In the Middle East, they are referred to as Sheesha or Angela. In South Africa, they are awesomely known as Hubbly Bubbly or Okka pipe. In the Maldives, hookahs are known as Gudugudaa, and in Albania and surrounding countries, they use Lula or (my personal favourite) Lulava.

In countries like Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Palestine, the pipe-like device was called “Argilah” or “Argileh”.

The Indian word hookah is commonly used in European countries which is the result of the British colonial regime in India (1858–1947). People referring to hookah as a shisha does not know that Shisha is just the glass base of the water pipe, not the actual instrument.

Shisha Is Celebrated Like a Celebrity

In the past, rejecting a shisha invitation was considered as bad manners.

According to an estimation, 100 million people worldwide consume tobacco from a pipe. Shisha is consumed in public settings like shisha lounge or hookah bar where people share it to enjoy, relax and have a fun time with friends. The largest shisha/hookah pipe is in the world is in Hollywood Hookah Lounge in Los Angeles, which is 5 meters tall and 1 meter wide.

The most expensive hookah in the world is Devall which can cost up to $100,000. Shisha gets expired within two years of its production date. One of the most fun ways to consume Shisha these days is by using actual fruits as shisha bowl.

The World Evolved, So Does Shisha

As you know in the taste and methods of preparing Shisha evolved with time the modified and beautiful look of shisha device we see today has its roots in the late 18th century. Not only that, smoking tobacco through pipe gained popularity around the world in the 19th century, especially in Europe and America.

Shisha Was Once Women’s Pride

Due to time taking preparing process and long smoking sessions, in 19th-century shisha/hookah was more prevalent in women than men. Not all women from all walks of life were in Hookah smoking because of its cost and time consumption.

Shisha as an Alternative

In the US, Shisha is more popular than cigarettes, especially in youth. Most shisha bars in the USA doesn’t serve customer younger than 21 years of age. Smoking shisha is legal in the USA; hence we are allowed to drive also as Shisha doesn’t make you high. The water in Shisha is there to cool down its temperature. Shisha stays for around 2 days to one month in a human body. The more you exercise, the faster it will leave your body.

97% of university students think Shisha is not addictive and can quit smoking Shisha whenever they want, which is no true. Shisha contains nicotine which is highly addictive. Recently nicotine-free shishas have gained popularity due to fewer health risks. Extensive shisha smoking can cause cancer specifically lung, throat and oral cancer.

Tobacco can decrease the amount of oxygen that reaches your body hence can prevent your skin from looking fresh and glowing.

Thanks to Advancement That You Can Customize Its Flavors

In USA shisha is made from different materials like exotic woods, Carbon Fiber and CNC cut aero-grade aluminum etc.

American shishas are washable to make it less expensive for people to consume different flavors in a single shisha. Shisha comes in many different flavors, most popular among them are:

You can even mix the different flavors together and experiment making a new one.


So, these were surprisingly and interesting facts about Shisha. You can check other blogs to find out more interesting facts about shisha/hookah. We bet you will find something new and fun each time you’ll research about tobacco as we did.